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Finally the beginning of toto page!!!

I hate to say it but I have been way too lazy to start writing a blog. But I swear I wanted to do it for such a long time and now I think I should have started earlier. It's fun! Even I don't have any readers yet. I can't wait to get a comment from my friends in all over the world.

Toto nowadays

Some of you might know that he used to perform in New York, but now he is in Japan. Specifically we are now living in Shizuoka (not too far from Mt.Fuji!) and have started a new chapter of Clown ToTo story as a team. Now I'm more involved in ToTo's work for promoting, marketing, and managing etc. Since I decided to support his business 24/7 I started accompanying his clown job everywhere and meeting and talking to so many people. It takes a lot of energy but so much fun! This type of work is definitely different from sitting in the office Mon-Fri, so your mind is somehow always working. Especially when your husband is your work partner meetings or discussions can start at any time, but it's still fun. I guess all is because Clown ToTo is about creating "fun".

clowns in japan

Not many Japanese people hire clowns at private parties, so clowns in Japan mostly appear in public events such as street festivals, opening ceremonies, and weekend shopping malls. There is no big deal for him to perform in front of a big group of people, but for a long time ToTo's specialty has been a party clown, so eventually we would like to bring the fun of having a clown at private parties to Japan! That is our biggest ambition!!!

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